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Welcome! I'm Mia, and I believe that in business, the true reward lies not only in the destination, but in the insights and personal growth gained along the journey. Through my unique blend of authentic business strategy, high performance mindset coaching, and high vibration energy techniques, I empower small businesses and executives to break out of the traditional way of business and not only thrive but do it in a truly soul-fulfilling way.

In the realm of sales, I guide you through my special High Vibration Sales approach that aligns with your authentic self and connects confidently and lovingly with your clients. It's about overcoming your fears and embracing a method that is true to you while achieving MORE abundance than conventional sales tactics.

At the core of every successful entrepreneur lies a powerful Mindset. I also specialize in helping entrepreneurs cultivate a resilient mindset that's not only about overcoming challenges but thriving through them. My approach combines practical high performance strategies with psychological insights to ensure that you not only think and feel differently but show up in the way you truly desire. Together, we unlock new levels of potential and confidence so that you can enjoy true, sustainable success and fulfillment.

My Vision: Elevating the world through transforming the paradigm of business.

Using my proven methods, businesses routinely experience a revenue increase of 20% or more, with smaller businesses often seeing even greater growth. More vitally, clients routinely uncover hidden limiting beliefs and mental blocks that have been sabotaging their success for years. When we work through them, exponential growth follows in all areas of their lives, including professionally, personally, and spiritually.

This is more than just coaching; it's a journey to a more empowered new you.

Join me on this transformative journey filled with success, authenticity, and love. Let's redefine what it means to be successful in business!

Transform Your Business and Your Life

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About Me

Hi, I’m a business coach on a mission to support my clients in achieving soul-aligned success in all areas of life. With a background as a professional poker player and later as a high ticket sales consultant and entrepreneur, I’ve spent more than 10 years delving deep into personal growth, high-performance mindset, and strategic thinking. I've seen and studied the conventional ways of doing business, and much of it did not jive with my values and what I wanted to contribute to the world. That's when I decided to bring a different, high vibrational approach.

This is no ordinary business consulting. My innovative approach weaves together spiritual, heart-centered practices with tested business strategies to ensure that conscious entrepreneurs excel in their careers while thriving and growing personally.

I trained and certified as a Business Coach through Mindvalley Evercoach, which is renowned for its transformative coaching methodologies. My additional expertise as an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, plus my career experiences, ensure a unique blend of holistic wisdom with business acumen that sets my coaching system apart.

I’m thrilled to share these insights with entrepreneurs to help them take their businesses to new heights while elevating the world around them!

Hear from My Clients

Mia has the ability to create a safe, welcoming, listening container. This has allowed me to become aware of and process blocks and mindset issues that have kept me from moving forward in my life. Mia’s observations, reflections, and powerful questions have opened the door for me into new insights and consciousness. Since working with her, I have restructured my life, as a solopreneur, to better reflect my values, expand my vision and move toward my goals. I have gained time, energy and increased revenue - less work for more money. This has been invaluable to me. With gratitude, I highly recommend Mia!

“Mia is such a wonderful coach. I was stuck on a project where other mentors couldn't help, and Mia—in a kind way—told me a story that completely shifted my thinking and helped me come up with a great solution. She opened up new possibilities for me, and I absolutely recommend her!"

Sapna, Coach & Entrepreneur

Before working with Mia I was struggling with some mental blocks that were keeping me from making progress in my business. Mia helped me get clarity on the steps I could take to move my business forward, and as a result I have followed through with my actions and have been able to release my pattern of analysis paralysis. If I didn’t have these sessions with her, I’d probably still be stuck in fear of putting my voice and ideas out there and being seen. She asked great questions to help reveal what was happening internally, while also allowing me to come to my own conclusions about what goals and plans will work best for me and my business. If anyone is thinking of joining business coaching with Mia, I’d say do it!

Jasmin, Relationship Coach

Jamie, Web Design Entrepreneur

Rebecca, Hypnotherapist & Artist

Thank you so much for our coaching session. I got more clarity about what to do next and to take action! I got some important insights into how I can improve my advertising and I understood how it can help my personal growth and my business to connect with like-minded people in my area 😊

Miriam, Doggie PlayCare Owner

Mia was an excellent coach!!

I did not feel very confident in my sales approach, and she was able to help me uncover why that is. From there she coached me through my sales process and we were able to make it stronger and give me more confidence. I would highly recommend Mia and her services, if you need a coach or if you need help with your sales process!

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