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Ready to get started on a path towards a conscious and thriving business life guided by love? Let’s connect for a free exploratory coaching session online where I help you plan your unique path to success that you can implement with my holistic guidance or on your own. No obligation.

Hear from My Clients

Mia has the ability to create a safe, welcoming, listening container. This has allowed me to become aware of and process blocks and mindset issues that have kept me from moving forward in my life. Mia’s observations, reflections, and powerful questions have opened the door for me into new insights and consciousness. Since working with her, I have restructured my life, as a solopreneur, to better reflect my values, expand my vision and move toward my goals. I have gained time, energy and increased revenue - less work for more money. This has been invaluable to me. With gratitude, I highly recommend Mia!

“Mia is such a wonderful coach. I was stuck on a project where other mentors couldn't help, and Mia—in a kind way—told me a story that completely shifted my thinking and helped me come up with a great solution. She opened up new possibilities for me, and I absolutely recommend her!"

-Sapna, Entrepreneur

Before working with Mia I was struggling with some mental blocks that were keeping me from making progress in my business. Mia helped me get clarity on the steps I could take to move my business forward, and as a result I have followed through with my actions and have been able to release my pattern of analysis paralysis. If I didn’t have these sessions with her, I’d probably still be stuck in fear of putting my voice and ideas out there and being seen. She asked great questions to help reveal what was happening internally, while also allowing me to come to my own conclusions about what goals and plans will work best for me and my business. If anyone is thinking of joining business coaching with Mia, I’d say do it!

Jasmin, Relationship Coach

Miriam, Doggie PlayCare Owner

Rebecca, Hypnotherapist & Artist

Thank you so much for our coaching session. I got more clarity about what to do next and to take action! I got some important insights into how I can improve my advertising and I understood how it can help my personal growth and my business to connect with like-minded people in my area 😊