Soulful Growth Business Mastermind

Elevating and Nurturing Portland's Heart-Centered Startups

Welcome, you're in the right place! I'm passionate about creating a supportive community so that more of us can contribute our gifts to the world and get paid abundantly. This will be an intimate group where we each contribute our own expertise to elevate each other on our journeys.

Tired of networking events that leave you feeling drained and wanting more? This mastermind will be a vibrant and personalized community where growth-oriented entrepreneurs support each other, overcome common challenges, and nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It's easy to get lost in the struggles of starting a new business if we're alone, and that's how so many startups fail after a few years. But we can choose a different fate if we surround ourselves with a tribe of loving and supportive beings on similar paths. Ultimately, entrepreneurship is not just about attaining the end results; it's about your growth and your experiences along the journey.

As a holistic business coach, I will be facilitating our gatherings to make sure that each member gets the support they want. I will also contribute my own expertise including authentic sales, high performance mindset training, and creating innovative approaches.

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur who started a new business within the past two years and could benefit greatly from a support system?
Key Benefits

Problem-Solving Collaboration: Work together to tackle challenges, benefiting from the group's diverse perspectives, collective problem-solving abilities, and innovative ideas.

Skill Enhancement: Learn new skills and strategies.

Support and Accountability: Receive and offer support, love, and encouragement, ensuring consistent progress towards personal and business goals.

Networking: Build strong connections with fellow entrepreneurs, creating potential collaborations and partnerships that enhance your business growth. Share and gain access to a variety of resources, tools, and contacts that can be crucial for business development.

Group Manifestation: Setting intentions in a group and letting our collective energies support us is a powerful way to accelerate the fulfillment of our dreams.

Ultimately, entrepreneurship is not just about attaining the end results; it's about your growth and your experiences along the journey.

🌐 In-Person Meetings: Once a month, we'll come together to connect and celebrate our progress. This will be an intentional and loving container for the future we are manifesting. You'll enjoy a delicious organic meal while learning from each other and from occasional guest experts on requested topics.

💻 Online Sessions: On weeks without in-person meetings, we'll gather online to dive deep into each member's challenges, brainstorming solutions and sharing insights. Member have the chance to lead sessions as the expert in their areas of expertise. These sessions will be your haven for support, accountability, and practical advice, ensuring you stay focused on taking productive steps towards your dreams.

The first meeting is free, allowing us to connect in-person and ensure that our group is a great fit for everyone before any payment is due.

Space is limited to 5-8 entrepreneurs to ensure individual attention and connection. This will be a six-months journey. I will select for members with a diverse set of beneficial skills so that we can collaborate and help each other most effectively. In the event of overlaps, the later applicants may be placed on a waiting list

What you can look forward to

💵 Introductory offer: $485. This provides you full access membership for 6 months (26 weeks), including delicious organic meals at our meetings and allowing the overall facilitation and organization of our community.

💰 Special bonus - $40 honorarium: To honor and show appreciation for the exchange of expertise and wisdom, each member will be offered $20 for each session they lead as the expert. You'll have the opportunity to do so twice in 6 months.

Ready to be part of a thriving, supportive community that will supercharge your business journey? If you believe this aligns with your highest good, please take 5-10 minutes to apply now and secure your place.